2FA in Fortnite

2FA in Fortnite. Welcome on this occasion we have important information about what is the verification in two steps to enter your Fortnite account which allows you to first secure your account against theft or hackers and secondly, you are given a free gesture , then do not waste any more time and let’s see how we can achieve it.

What is the 2-step or 2FA verification of Fortnite?

On the Internet, they have implemented two-step verification to add additional security to users’ accounts; It is very common today to see people who only live off the illegal trade of digital products; between the branch of video games that we find. Those people who are dedicated to the theft of user accounts with more than thousands of hours of games; with a high level of game to resell them in the black market.

Many companies had thought of an alternative that robustly protected users’ privacy, for a long time they had conflicts between the communities that live on their platforms and that continuously consume their products, complaints of all kinds were reported during a long time frame.

It was for that reason that the verification was announced in two steps that is to add an extra method of security to user accounts; for example, to be able to access your account in Epic Games and enjoy all the benefits it offers. To enter your user password and then enter a second password that can be sent to your email or mobile phone.

How to activate 2-step or 2FA verification in Fortnite PC or Mobile?

  • The first thing we have to do is go to the Epic Game website where we must login with our Fortnite credentials.
  • Once inside you must access your account to access the details of it.
  • Now you will have to access the Password and Security section; located in the menu on the left side of the window. Now you will be placed on a new screen in which you must scroll down to view the section; authentication in two steps. Here you can select two options: Activate the authentication application and Activate email authentication.
  • Choose the most convenient method for you to configure it; and start receiving the random codes needed to log in to your Epic Game account. From this moment every time you log in to a new device with your Epic Games account; you will be sent by email or your 2FA application a unique code that you must enter before you are allowed access.

How to activate Fortnite 2FA on PS4 or XBOX ONE?

  • If you play Fortnite on Xbox One or PS4 and you have your account linked to Epic Games, the same rules apply. Once you have activated the two step verification in Fortnite; you will unlock the Boogie Down dance from which you can get for your account completely free of charge.

Login to your Fortnite account from the Official site and enable your verification in 2 steps right now; do not waste your time, that dance gesture is waiting for you.

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