A new Fortnite pack got leaked: Lava Legends

A new update has come to Fortnite, the v8.20 is now between us and it is so far the biggest one that Epic Games has done. On this new update we got new modes, new characteristics on the game, objects and more. But, we know that weeks later we get more objects, skins and more, and on this occasion, dataminers got new information about it. We will have a new pack: Lava Legends.

On the new update we got a new limited mode: The Floor is Lava. This is a version of the game that got viral where people had to jump to not touch the floor. Now, on the game, we will have a floor covered with lava and we need to jump on buildings, structures and objects to save our life. This is a very fun mode and now you can have a skin that match the season.

What to expect about the new pack: lava legends?

Everything started on the account of @lucas7yoshi_ who discovered a new cosmetic file called Lava Legends. On the image we can see that it has a fire version of the Valkyrie skin and combat dog! Also, we will get a cape for the dog and dragon, and corresponding wings for Valkyrie.

About the price, we still don’t know. This is unsure since anything is confirmed. But, a few months ago, Fortnite launched another similar pack that was $24,99 so it is probably that this new pack is around the same price, even though it has less skins but more cosmetics.

We just need to wait a little bit more until we get this new update and then we can start to play with this amazing pack. Knowing Epic Games, it will be very soon on this season, so be ready!

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