Download Fortnite for Android and iOS

Download Fortnite for Android and iOS: In the beginning, Epic Games launched the mobile version of Fortnite, but it was only possible to play with an invitation. Now everyone can play, you just need a suitable device in iOS.

The developers have reported this good news on Twitter. To play Fortnite, you need an Internet connection and iOS 11 and Android. The game is only compatible with iPhone SE, 6S, 7, 8 and X, and with Plus modifications. It also works on iPad Mini 4, Air 2, 2017/2018 and Pro. The version for smartphones.

Download Fortnite for Mobile

download fortnite for android ios

If you prefer to play on the phone, we recommend you buy a gamepad. Now many of these accessories are for sale and really help in the games. But it is better, of course, to play on a PC: the smartphone compresses textures and 144 frames per second on the iPhone until it is achieved.

Fortnite’s biggest competitor, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, also made a mobile version of the game. Both games squeeze all the juice of the player and, to remain the last survivor, you must train for hours and hours.

Fortnite is a first-rate multiplayer action game for iOS and Android, which is now available to all owners of Apple products. One of the most popular real battles on mobile devices is compatible with 100 players on a map, various types of weapons and the ability to build defensive fortifications and structures to protect their territory from competitors.

download fortnite for android ios

On a vast island, players will have to survive at all costs. You can extend your existence with the help of clans, so you will not be alone, because comrades will always cover your back.

Fortnite, of course, will appreciate the excellent HD graphics, the weekly updates and the new modes, as well as the various types of weapons and skins.

Download Fortnite for Android & iOS

tried to play Fortnite on the iPhone X. After installing the game on the smartphone, the game takes a little time to load. In the office, the process took about fifteen minutes. The Internet is not the fastest. Next, you need an Epic Games account, although you can log in with Facebook. 

Naturally, the control from the screen is simply none, somehow you can adapt, but this is not Guns of Boom, where everything is as simple as possible: here while you point, until you find the area responsible for the shot on the screen, in few words, they killed me five times.

Download Fortnite for Android

Download Fortnite for iOS

I threw an iphone on the couch and I will not play anymore. Well, or it will, if it falls into the hands of the iPhone 8 Plus, it will be much more convenient. Try it: I advise you that the game looks good, does not slow down and does not fall during the sessions.

Download Fortnite for Android and iOS
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