Best basic constructions for every situation in Fortnite

Constructions Fortnite: It is important that you constantly pick up materials with a pick when you are studying the map. Make it a habit as long as you have a quiet time to cut trees, walls or other structures.

In this way, you will avoid the uncomfortable moments when you are trying desperately to build something; but you do not have the resources to do it.

Walls in Fortnite

Starting with something very simple, you can only save your life or give it an advantage when suddenly a fight arises out of nowhere.

By placing the walls down, you can use them by blocking the bullets while you flee. Alternatively, you can place them in front of you when facing an opponent to minimize damage.

How to build: select a tree, as usual, a one-time resource and select the default wall option. Now just place them in front or turn and place the walls behind you.

Ramps in Fortnite

This is the main product in the repertoire of any builder; and involves the rapid creation of a ramp that will give you a height advantage. You can hide on the ramp to cover yourself and look beyond the edge when shooting. It is simple and very effective!

Keep in mind that it’s pretty easy to destroy, so think of it as a temporary advantage.

  • Use of the situation: when you notice an enemy in the distance or prepare for the inevitable battle.
  • How to build: Wooden walls creating a wooden box, stand in the center and put a ramp that leads up. Complete the assembly by placing the wall behind the ramp.

Double ramps in Fortnite

Following the previous line, this is a simple set that will give you a height advantage on two different sides and will provide enough protection for healing when firing.

  • Use of the situation : when you participate in a fight with an enemy or you want the structure to temporarily hold the position.
  • How to build : create a rectangle from the walls, stand in the center and place the ramps that go up on both sides.
  • It is worth noting that it is easy to expand, and you, of course, are not limited to adhering to this structure. If another situation occurs, align yourself on your own.

Sniper Tower in Fortnite

If you want to reach a considerable height and destroy the enemies from afar, this will take a little time.

You have an escape plan when building this tower. We recommend having a ramp that goes from above; so you can quickly start a descent if people start to step on it. 

  • Use of the situation: when you want to see a neighborhood from the perspective of a bird or shoot an enemy from afar.
  • How to build: Create a small box that puts it on a line; stand on one side, jump and place the ramp that leads up. Move to the highest point of this ramp, build walls, jump and place a ramp.
  • Again, this structure can be used in several ways. Climb to the desired height, start building outward platforms to reach previously inaccessible areas. Your choice
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