Bug fixes in Fortnite

Apparently the developers of Fortnite have solved a very large number of errors and failures that presented the game on different platforms, always wanting to be a step ahead of its main competitor Apex Legends have decided to get rid of all these errors to present a more refined game and fluid.

List of most relevant bug fixes

The scoring table of the final round of a game now bears the name of the round instead of “Scores”.

The health bars of the target devices will be displayed correctly according to their configuration.

The health bar of the target device no longer disappears when it reappears.

Fixed the shadow bomb, which sometimes did not make the player invisible on Xbox One the first time he used it.

An error has been resolved that caused the launch pads to be placed in the air.

The problems of the pirate cannon camera have been solved due to the latency of the network.

The sound effects when depositing the reset card no longer sound in the repetitions while the van is in cooling.

The sound effects on depositing the reset van card no longer sound when a squadmate is disconnected.

The turbo construction already works correctly after deploying the hang glider.

Is a long list!

Fixed an error that caused the effects and the sound of damage of the stink bomb did not reproduce when it received it.

The two best teams now appear correctly if there is no tie.

The columns of real-time scores are now updated after changing the statistics between games.

The default HUD no longer displays the text “Remaining targets”, even if there were no target devices.

The round scoring table now shows the progress towards the total number of rounds (eg “Round 2” will now appear as “Round 2/3”).

The black margins at the beginning of the game now expand to the entire screen on the Xbox One and Switch platforms.

The creator of creatures should work more accurately according to his configuration of wave timer with lower values.

Creatures no longer receive excessive fall damage when they appear on the sandbar island.

The target device no longer changes the generator model when leaving and returning to the island.


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