Clay pigeons Fortnite

As usual Fortnite renews the challenges available weekly according to the season in which the game is located, however there are challenges that have not finished coming out of their seasons, one of those challenges are the Clay Pigeons that are still in season 6 and they have not been updated so far.

One of the most novel challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale requires firing a clay pigeon in different locations. The clay pigeons consist of finding them and shooting them in their different locations throughout the mapping; in addition to fulfilling some other requirements necessary to complete the challenge.

Clay pigeons Fortnite

You will have to shoot clay pigeons in five different places. Since the release of the V5.10 patch on July 24, several safe places have been discovered to find clay pigeons or firing ranges at Fortnite Battle Royale, and now we know why.

Free challenges

  • – Deal 500 damage in the same game – Give you 5 battle stars
  • – Use a momentum platform – Give you 5 battle stars
  • – Find the treasure map in Industrias Inodoras (Difficult) – Gives you 10 battle stars

Battle Pass Challenges

  • – Search 7 chests in Lethal Latifundio – Grant you 5 battle stars
  • – Shoot a clay pigeon in 5 different locations – Give you 5 battle stars
  • – Eliminate 5 opponents in Lomas Lúgubres – Give you 10 battle stars
  • – 3 Eliminations with explosive weapons – Gives you 10 battle stars

What happens when you meet the Clay Pigeons Challenge at Fortnite?

It is possible that there are more clay pigeons that have not yet been discovered; but with the release of successive patches it is expected to find all of them.

This particular challenge gives you a total of five stars of the battle pass. Completing challenges is the fastest way to level up the battle pass and win the large amount of cosmetic items associated with those levels.

Once you have completed all seven challenges this week an additional “Road Trip” challenge will be unlocked; which will allow you to find a battle pass star in a secret location and earn a free level.

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