Competition between the 2 best Fortnite players

TFue humiliated Ninja and showed who the best in the world is

Turner ‘TFue‘ Tenney and Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins are considered two of Fortnite’s best players in the world. From the beginning, both content creators stood out for their enormous potential and ability.

With the passage of time began to generate a debate in the community of Fortnite about who should wear the crown that will accredit him as the best. And since then there has been a continuous alternation between the two names.

But the last direct ones have left a clear winner in this ‘war’ for being the king of Fortnite. Tfue and Ninja were in the same competitive game and both had serious options to win with only a few rivals remaining.

Competing for the title of the best

This generated that they had to face each other yes or yes. And Tfue showed, once again, the huge player he is. When Ninja attempted the offensive to end his life, the FaZe Clan member reacted quickly by setting a trap at the exact moment to kill him.

Tyler’s face was a real poem, aware that he has just been humiliated with a tactic he usually uses. On the other hand, Tfue barely reacted, probably because he was not aware of whom his victim was.

Ninja takes revenge on Tfue with a spectacular play

Turner ‘TFue‘ Tenney and Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins are the two most well-known Fortnite players. For many fans no longer have the title of best players in the world, but they are still the most follower move.

For this reason, every time they face a tournament or a game, their fans wait excited and expectant. A few weeks ago, TFue showed his quality by humiliating Ninja with a trap.

But the good thing about Fortnite is that, from time to time, it offers new opportunities. Ninja has achieved his long-awaited revenge in his last live. It is true that the murder was not so spectacular, but in the end the important thing is to get the loss in the one against one.

Strong competition between both

The key was that it was much faster when it came to building and editing than its rival. It caught him by surprise and, before Tfue could react, he had already lost half his life, so it was easy to finish him off.

Cheating comes out very cheap in the Fortnite World Cheating comes out very cheap in the Fortnite World.

After this duel, Ninja continued with his game and achieved another kill a few seconds later. It seems that little by little he is recovering his best level, placing himself as one of the candidates to get one of the places that are in play for the World Cup.

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