Errors in Fortnite: We can take advantage!

Fortnite Battle Royale is literally plagued with technical flaws that open up several surprising possibilities for players. Maybe when you read this article, most of the errors listed will be removed; but be sure to use them as much as Epic Games allows. 

But there are some deficiencies that, apparently, will not be corrected at all and will continue to work at any time; some of them can be used for your benefit.

But be careful! While some of the bugs are safe to use, others can lead to a ban in the game. Whatever it is, in our list we will tell you about the best faults that you can use safely to obtain benefits in the game.

Almost everyone will give you an advantage over competitors, and they will put you in a good position.

Automatic system to open the parachute

Landing faster than other players will give you a significant advantage at the beginning of the game. Being faster on the ground means that you are likely to be the first player to collect the best weapons, items and resources. You can also find a better position, from where it will be easier to kill the opponents.

But how to land faster than the rest? You can refuse to open the glider as long as you want. But the problem is that when you land, the game forces you to use the parachute automatically immediately; as soon as the character approaches the point of free fall and there is no place to throw.

Fortunately, some players discovered an error in the game that allowed them to avoid the automatic opening of the parachute during the landing and to open it even closer to the ground. 

As soon as the bus approaches the island, jump just below the shoreline and try to adjust the fall so that it is above the water, located a few meters above the ground. The automatic parachute opening system does not work if your character is on the water; so you can not do it until you want to open the parachute. But the main thing here is do not forget to do it manually!

Move underground

Here is another of the most exciting and safe stunts at Fortnite: Battle Royale.

It allows you to move and shoot other opponents, be under the grass and, at the same time, remain invisible.

All you need to do is go to the location indicated on the map above (indicated by the red circle) and enter the small hut that is under the big tree. Enter the cabin and use the beak to destroy the floor.

When the floor is broken, you will see that the walls of the cabin are pulled down into the ground. Break these lower parts of the walls to see a hollow space that allows you to move towards the ground and do what you want without worrying about detection.

Errors in Fortnite: We can take advantage!
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