Find the pianos to be able to meet the challenge, this week 2 of season 7

In week 2 of season 7 in Fortnite: In Battle Royale you must play music from a score on different pianos. Here you will find the respective pianos, sheet music and how to play the melody.This is the piano music task of week 2: in the second week of season 7, comes a family task from season 6 back.

Because even then you had to play a melody from a sheet of music on a giant piano In week 2 of season 7 in Fortnite this task is back. But you do not have to find the sheet of paper this time, it is practically the same as the piano. The piano site in Soto Solitario Here is the piano with the score: The first piano is located north of the abandoned village of superheroes in Soto Solitario. Find the shore on J5 and you will find the piano.How do I play the melody of the score?

pianos fortnite

To complete the first task, all that you have to do press the keys of the piano, according to the score that appears. Jump to the button or enter. Be careful, however, that you only press the desired keys, otherwise you will have to start all over again. On this piano you play the sounds: CC

Once you have played all the notes, the complete melody sounds and you have been part of the task.The piano site in Parque Placentero Here is the piano with the score: The second piano is in Parque Placentero, right on the hill to the west. That is in the B / C3 coordinates. How do I play the melody of the score? On the second piano, it is necessary to pick up the sounds, then the task is completely finished. Be careful while playing the tune in Fortnite. this: you need a little time to play the melodies. That could take advantage of some unpleasant campers, and attack you in this situation from behind.

Also, the pianos are outdoors and this could take advantage of You’re a good target for the aircraft! If you’re a good Fortnite player, you can jump and identify if there are other players around you, and if you’re not alone, get on the piano as soon as possible. This season of Fortnite and week 2 is spectacular, power the batteries to achieve all the challenges that present you

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