Fortnite and new creative mode

In it, participants can build new structures and elements, customize the modes and create mini-games.

The creative mode is the one developed in which the users of the Battle Royale map were allowed to freely explore the terrain, gather resources and build fortifications. 

Then the players managed to build entire cities, castles and race tracks in the style of Mario Kart. 

Probably now the creative mode, will become a third permanent mode.

According to the author of the Fortnite publication, remember Minecraft even more. 

creative mode fortnite

Fortnite and its new creative mode

  • Lobby for 16 players. In the options to choose who can participate in the game: only by invitation, friends, friends of friends. And also individually
  • After connecting, the participants are in the common center. From there through the cracks in the ground, you can move to personal worlds or to selected worlds. Probably. 
  • In the personal world, you can choose one of the four islands. At any time, you can return to the lobby.
  • The islands come in different shapes and sizes. It is not known if the parameters are generated automatically or can be changed.
  • Each player receives a special phone, with their help you can edit almost any object on the map. Your player can copy, delete and move.
  • “Sandbox” takes into account the memory of the computer / console. At the bottom of the game there is an interface that shows the complete memory. If it reaches a maximum, the game may stop. Different blocks and structures will occupy a different amount of memory.
  • Some special conditions are available in the pause menu. The player can customize the type of game, including the mode, the time limit, the equipment distribution, the starting places, the health modifiers, the severity level, the reappearance points and other characteristics. The selected settings can be saved for a specific mini-game.
  • There are several blocks available in the equipment menu. They include “templates”, “devices”, “weapons”, “consumables” and “chests”.
  • The “templates” contain pre-created structures. Among them, both collected by the player and provided by Epic itself.
  • From the team menu, items can be changed to your personal inventory and placed in a quick panel. The objects can be placed directly below it, or somewhere to launch.

In “creative mode,” players will have access to a larger set of weapons, traps and equipment, which is not in Battle Royale. In addition, users will have the opportunity to place a special type of platform with different effects, such as pull, push, rotate, etc. 

Separately, players can use a customizable board with results that can be used in mini-games.

Fortnite and new creative mode
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