Fortnite Battle Royale play now

To understand the basic concept of the game at Fortnite Battle Royale play now, it is enough to know that it is a third-person tactical-strategic shooter with elements of survival and construction. Battle Royale is a Free-to-Play mode based on Fortnite, which can be played completely free of charge.

The player in the company of 99 opponents falls on a common card for all. The main objective of each user is to survive and remain the last hero. In addition to the game “each man for himself”, you can play as a couple with a friend or on a team with three friends.

The game begins with a flight on a bus, in which all the characters fly, but everyone chooses a place to stop on their own. After landing, immediately start collecting materials, ammunition, weapons and protective shields.
The game process is divided into several stages.

Fortnite Battle Royale play now

The first stage begins immediately after landing, and after a few minutes moves to the middle stage, a fierce confrontation and the search for waste and loot resources. The last, he is the final stage, allows you to determine the winner of the game of those that lasted the longest.

The success of the player depends on the correct sequential actions. The landing at the same time occupies an important place on the road to victory. For disembarkation, we recommend choosing the outskirts of the map or places where there are fewer players and more loot.

Location Fortnite Battle Royale play now is full of resources and booty, because all the objects can be destroyed, and from there they obtain useful construction materials. The main thing is to have time to collect everything before other players do. The resources can be selected and killed opponents. It is also important to get more resources for less effort.

To do this, it is best to destroy furniture, interior details and trees should be cut only partially to reduce the likelihood of detection by the enemy. Do not chase the metal, you can almost do it without it, and without bricks and wood it is harder to do it. The elaboration system allows the player to use the resources he has collected to build defensive structures or ladder platforms that allow the passage of obstacles.

First you need to collect many weapons. It is divided into several types, indicated by color. Weapons marked in white are common, but they are ineffective. Green color means ordinary weapon, blue – rare, purple – epic, yellow – legendary. After landing, look actively for machine guns and shotguns.

Fortnite Battle Royale play now

Beginners should choose Pleasant Park, and larger cities or towers should be overlooked. If there are two-story buildings on your way, be sure to check the attics, which often hide many weapons. We also recommend building two-story buildings on your own, which will become a good base for the player, since from the second floor it is more convenient to shoot opponents.

In general, houses are divided into defensive and offensive. The first ones are big towers or boxes that will not save the hero of the rocket launcher. The attacking houses consist of a combination that is repeated several times: floor – wall – staircase. They have a good viewing angle throughout the location.

In the initial stage, it is better to “not run ahead of the locomotive”, but to stay away from the battlefield, but not to get into a storm. The storm is the “Eye of the storm”. He controls the activity of the players. By reducing the space of the game, the storm forces users not to hide from enemies, but to join them and join the battle.

Slowly explore the world to find more and more advantageous places on the map with each game. It is also important to be able to quickly change weapons and equipment, build and respond quickly to what is happening. It is equally important to classify the inventory, if the first aid kit and the bandages are on the bottom, then it will not be possible to cure them quickly. Also, looking for the right things where everything is confused is difficult.

The final stage depends on the player’s actions during the first two stages. It is important to gather a lot of armor and have good health. They guarantee you an advantage.

As for health, you should always stay full. Even a small foul can result in a loss for the player. To heal constantly, pick up the potion.

During the game at Fortnite Battle Royale play now, pay close attention to the sound, we recommend that you even play the headphones. The slightest sound can mean that the enemy is approaching.

Fortnite Battle Royale play now
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