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Fortnite FREE to PLAY: The developers of the famous studio Epic Games presented their new cooperative project called Fortnite one year ago. This is an original game in which several genres are combined at once: shooter, action, zombie apocalypse, sandbox and strategy with elements of tower defense. 

Add these colorful cartoons and you will get the secret of success. Do not miss the time, come and start playing the free Fortnite game online without downloading or registering.

Fortnite FREE to PLAY: Save the world

Although Epic Games is known for its serious projects, such as Bulletstorm or Unreal Tournament, this time the developers decided to move away from the usual canons and create something more unusual and fun. Thus the idea of ​​this project was born, which will be discussed in the review of the game Fortnite 2d.

The game is a cooperative survival simulator, designed for the actions of a four-player team. Its plot is based on the fact that cataclysms suddenly occur on Earth: the entire surface of the planet is affected by storms of an unknown nature, from which the hordes of undead come. 

In record time, they kill nearly 98% of the world’s population and only a handful of survivors who managed to organize and counterattack zombies continue to fight for the future of the human race.

On the official Fortnite website, everyone is invited to sign up for the project and download the game installer to install it on a computer. The game requires system resources, but this is the inevitable price of very high quality graphics and the large number of opportunities offered by the game. Hurry now to play online for free in the game Fortnite: Save the World.

As mentioned above, a maximum of four people can play Fortnite, but such a number of players is not a mandatory constant. You can even play independently, but at the same time keep in mind that complexity and the number of opponents does not decrease. Therefore, if you are not ready for such serious tests, it is better to find like-minded people, after all.

The game itself is divided into numerous missions, each of which consists of three stages. First, players must complete a series of current missions; This can be a search for survivors or some valuable artifacts, as well as collecting the necessary amount of resources. 

Once all the necessary supplies have been collected, the team proceeds to construct a perimeter of protection, which will later serve as a fortress and protect the players from the avalanche of zombies. 

The last stage is the destruction of opponents. It is the most difficult and is directly related to the way he completed the previous stages successfully and efficiently.

Play Online Free: Fortnite

After destroying the last opponent, the system automatically calculates each player’s rating and awards rewards and experience. After completing a mission, you can immediately change to another. As you can see, the game is simple and at the same time fascinating, and if you want to see it for yourself, you only need to download Fortnite and install it on your computer. And you can play online for free, without registering and downloading if you already have an account.

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