Fortnite Nintendo switch release date

Fortnite Nintendo switch release date : Everyone knows that the real battle at Fortnite is free. Epic Games does not charge for it on the Nintendo Switch. However, when a Japanese company announced the launch of its payment service to access the multiplayer mode, similar to the PlayStation Plus on Sony consoles, the players asked themselves: would they have to pay for the opportunity to play Fortnite on the Switch?

Well, as it turned out, Nintendo is ready to make an exception for some titles. In any case, Fortnite in the hybrid console will not force you to pay. Now it’s official, so if you’re going to continue playing in the creation of Epic Games on the Switch, you can not fear the precious September 18, when the paid service goes into effect.

Nintendo also noted that a similar exception would apply to other games, but did not provide an accurate list. There are already rumors in the network that Warframe can also be played for free, since in other platforms the game is distributed in a similar model. 

The strategy chosen by Nintendo is not surprising. First, one of its main competitors, Sony, does the same, and second, the company needs to continue promoting its console in the market to stay in the market. Switch Online is certainly a necessary measure of profit mobilization, but Nintendo does not want to scare fans of popular free titles. After all, they are all potential customers, if we talk about monetization.

Fortnite Nintendo switch release date

At the same time, Shigeru Miyamoto, a Japanese game designer who created series of video games such as Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, Nintendo, Wave Race and Pikmin for Nintendo game consoles, recently reported that Nintendo is exploring various ways to attract people to games. Avoiding the free-to-play model. 

Miyamoto criticizes the free game system, which includes loot boxes and other microtransactions. Often, game publishers, instead of charging once for buying a game, offer more and more free games or sell them at discounted prices. 

They then encourage players to constantly buy game products, such as virtual suits and loot boxes, or encourage users to bet on winning rare items. This revenue model is especially common between mobile and PC games. For Miyamoto, this system is mean, annoying and unfair to users.

Proponents of the free-to-play model say that it increases the longevity of individual games and creates more predictable companies that attract investors and increase employment. 

However, according to opponents, these gaming tricks are similar to the game, prompting lawmakers in Belgium and the Netherlands to ban loot boxes and microtransactions this year.

“I can not say that our fixed cost model was really successful,” said Frank Miyamoto, “but we will continue to promote it until it takes root. Therefore, everyone can develop games in a comfortable environment. By focusing on attracting the broadest range of people to games, we can continue to develop our mobile gaming business. ” 

Also recently, Gamebox wrote that Take-Two announced the transfer of the popular Civilization VI strategy to the Nintendo switch, where it appeared on November 16. The publication for the Switch will include a basic version of Civilization VI with all the additions and updates that have been delivered to it, as well as four additional content sets, including new scripts, civilizations and leaders.

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