Fortnite Season 10

Fortnite Season 10. It seems that many of the players will have to improve their computers if they want to continue playing Fortnite from next season.

Fortnite Season 10

Halfway through this ninth season, which includes important surprises in the game, Epic Games has notified through an official announcement in which it announces to all Fortnite players on PC that, from the beginning of Season 10, it will be necessary to have with a graphic card compatible with Microsoft DirectX 11 to be able to continue playing.

In its official notice, Epic Games recognizes that from the first moment they have taken old graphic cards as requisite for the game, although they maintained compatibility so that the majority of players can continue playing. However, from Season 10 this will no longer be possible.

Why will not fortnite continue to be compatible with old cards?

To some extent this news is true because although it is true that cards that are not compatible with DirecTX 11 can make some adjustments so that with a little more effort you can run the game.

But the truth is that the game is constantly evolving so it will be impossible to have support for old cards that are not able to support the improvements that developers want to implement.

This way the less powerful cards would simply be obsolete to be able to run the game of Epic Games forcing the fans to buy a better graphic card to their computers and in many cases they will also have to make a complete readjustment of Hardware.

This is what Epic Games thinks

This will allow us to focus our development and testing work on optimizing the Fortnite experience for all players, they commented from the official blog when explaining the reason why they made this decision.

Fortnite Season 10

New content for Fortnite

The new requirement can mean a massive update for Game Season 10. Many have speculated with the possibility of a new map or even more realistic features in the game. Only time will tell, but the concrete thing is that thousands of players will have to update their PCs in order to continue playing from a computer.

As expected with each new Fortnite season, new content for the game comes and the fact that they are already warning that graphic improvements are needed could mean new textures within the game and some other visual novelties, be they effects, shading and so on. .

Fortnite Season 10
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