Fortnite Season 9: The third teaser refers to Pitched Floors

On May 8, 2019, it was the third day of teasers from Season 9 of the Battle Pass of Fortnite Battle Royale.

This day, Epic Games published in its social networks the third teaser – the third promotional image – of the ninth season of Fortnite, which will begin on Thursday, May 9. A day before, he published the second of them, in which you could see a space marine, and the previous one, published the first teaser, where we could see a robot. In this third teaser we see another character, and reference is made to Picados Floors.

In the image in question we can see another character, with clothes and futuristic-looking equipment. We understand that it will be one of the new skins available with the Battle Pass of Season 9. Keep in mind that the messages of the two teasers already shown were “The future is unknown” and “The future is bright”. It is practically confirmed that the theme of the ninth season of Fortnite will be the future.

The letter O

This also appears inside a letter “O”. The letters of the two previous teasers were “N” and “E”, in this order. In this way, the word they would form, assuming that the letters have been shown in order is “Neo” which is a prefix meaning “new”.

We still do not know what the long-term effects of the eruption of the volcano that destroyed Pits and Commerce City during the event of the end of Season 8 will be, and how this would be linked to the ninth season of the Fortnite Battle Pass. Royale although the track of today gives to think that the zone Pitched floors will be reconstructed, with a futuristic aspect. If confirmed, its total destruction will have lasted a few days.

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