Fortnite the game that can make you a millionaire

Fortnite initially went out to revolutionize the gameplay of the battleroyal giving a more childish touch to the game, betting on showing cartoon-like characters or cartoons to engage the youngest of the house, so he decided to eliminate all bloody acts and “Violent” giving one more aspect of comics for children.

Fortnite the game that can make you a millionaire

This game would soon become the most played game worldwide being the battleroyal with the most active players in the world, despite being a game originally intended for the younger population today Fortnite is a game intended for all audiences of all ages.

The biggest attraction of Fortnite in recent times has been the power to share with friends while scaling in the tower of positions of the different platforms, although it is said that Fortnite has no favorite platform since it is available on virtually all platforms. game available.

Fortnite as a source of income

It is not just a simple game in which you go with your friends everywhere and get fun and entertaining games, now it has become the center of competitions with more users in the world within eSports. These are videogame competitions, mostly in a professional way. There are many games that are already part of this platform in which many of the best players come to him with the illusion of taking the prize home.

It is the most powerful competition platform and with more scope at world-wide level, in very little will find the best players of Fortnite in New York to debate by the prize to the first place, which will be no more and nothing less than 2,7 million euros which represents much more money than an expert player could win in a professional sport such as tennis.

Competitions in eSports

Thanks to eSports many games have given the opportunity to expert players in multiple games to achieve some economic independence as we have seen in titles like League of Legends, World of Warcarft, Counter Strike Global Offensive and many others.

Undoubtedly a real wonder what eSports entrepreneurs have achieved, which has already been recognized worldwide as the most officially attended tournament in the world, the biggest advantage is that it is not only aimed at a specific sector of a specific population, but also which is intended for any player who wants to participate professionally.

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