Fortnite would be copying features of Apex Legends

The eighth season of Fortnite Battle Royale, filled the content of the game, but also a new feature and another to implement the game, would have also arrived, it would be the Pings system and resuscitation of colleagues after they have released the Loot, both characteristics for obvious reasons will resonate the head, since just these two characteristics, were one of the strongest pillars of its closest competitor, Apex Legends.

Plagiarism or strategy?

Apex Legends, the game of Respawn, which in no more than a week of its release managed to get more than 25 million users and 2 million concurrent players, came to revolutionize things a bit with the Battle Royale genre. In Apex Legends, Respawn developers understood that most people are not very communicative, although communication is an important factor in this type of games. Also another of the successful implementations to the genre that brought Apex Legends, were the Beacons of Reappearance, with them we can revive a companion who has released the loot, recovering its flag. These are distributed on the map and can be used only once, to even revive two companions at once.

Well, recently Fortnite Battle Royale, in its update 8.00, that is, its season 8, implemented the first system that we have from Apex Legends, now in the games of Fortnite, you can indicate where to go, mark the weapons, loot and Chests of the map and even reveal the position of the enemy, without the need to open the map and with functions very similar to those of Apex Legends. Curious, is not it?

Revive your dead comrades in Fortnite

The following is not yet implemented to Fortnite, but both thanks to a visual bug, and the work of the Fortnite data miners, it seems that a new feature that would involve a Van, with a type of hologram similar to the avatars of the players In the game has appeared, this bug allowed several players to see the Van located in various sectors of the map, but only in Replay mode and are not visible when playing.

Mode of game and more

 This model by itself does not generate much strangeness, since it already existed in “Save the World“, but according to what the data miners of Fortnite have found, the story would change a little, this new feature would be called Second Chance Van, that Yes, it is still unclear how this feature, which will possibly allow you to revive your colleagues in Fortnite after they have released the loot, will work. Also the lines of code indicate something of “Take the letter”, perhaps now the characters in Fortnite will have some standard or letter that serves as currency for this van.

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