Fortnite’s big bet

Fortnite after having fallen from the pedestal he was in, has decided to get up and this time with much more force, trying to gather the necessary characteristics to group as many gamers as possible.

Zombies in city commerce

They are striving to give Fortnite that special detail that catches the attention of all players of different tastes, they are gradually including characteristics of different tastes to achieve the most complete game of all.

Changes in the Fortnite map

As always after an update, those of Epic decide to make radical changes to a certain area of ​​the map in which they can appreciate the great creativity and ingenuity they have, since all the changes they have made so far have been liked by all the community that makes life on different platforms.

It was common knowledge that the booty raft area previously only offered news such as new weapons and new skins and little else, now they have opted for others to include all those features, also including changes around the entire Fortnite map.

And it was that you were already doing it in a very discreet and long-term way such as the changes in Colossal shopping center that became Retail row for a while and that now becomes a commercial city or with the famous chopped floors, which later of a time it happened to be called neo chopped and now it is the current chopped village.

Zombies in city commerce

Fortnite’s big bet has been to include beings who have had a special place in the hearts of all video game players around the world, since they make up the biggest emotional boom worldwide.

Fortnite included zombies in its latest update which has caused a great stir worldwide, most of the community has reacted positively to this great change, although it is not a novelty at all since some time ago we could find zombies inside of the map, only that it was temporary.

Zombies in city commerce

Benefits of zombies in Fortnite?

The zombies represent a completely positive distraction for the players, since they always attack in ordas could complicate the game to any careless or inexperienced player which is also not so problematic since the zombies cannot leave the Commerce City area.

Like the last time, killing zombies will make your shield recharge with each zombie that you eliminate, which is great for all players, but they have eliminated what would be the counter of eliminated zombies, since it is no longer about Zombie house, but of a kind of added difficulty within this area.

Finally it is important to remember that zombies can only be found within the city of commerce, until now there is no talk about how long they will be there or if they plan to expand the areas where we can get them.

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