Fortnite’s new teaser insinuates the return of chopped Floors

There is no turning back; season 9 of Fortnite is now. May 9, the official servers will receive a new update that promises to bring important and spectacular changes to the island.

new fortnite teaser

Epic Games has already published its latest track on the novelties of this new adventure. The last teaser has solved the odd doubt, but it has also generated many other unknowns about the future of the map and its locations.

The image does not have much relevance beyond presenting another different skin. However, the text has generated an impact. “The future is Picados” is the phrase that accompanies photography and opens a fairly clear path on the possibility of the return of Picados floors, but with a completely new design.

In addition, by joining the three published teasers the word “NEO” is formed. Most users have not been slow to associate this word with the possibility that the new map of Fortnite changes from top to bottom.

Finally, the theory that a completely futuristic world could reach Fortnite is still present, taking into account the whole theme of the teasers and the different skins that have been appearing.

Another futuristic skin in the new teaser of season 9 of Fortnite

Nothing is left for the start of the new season. On May 9 will be available an update that promises to bring very surprising news. To warm up the environment for this new adventure, Epic Games is taking its usual promotional images.

With the second teaser the theory grows that this new season will have a lot to do with the future. In the photograph that has been published you can see a new skin of a kind of special suit with a racing helmet.

Surprises in Fortnite

The truth is that we could perfectly be a driver of special ships, something that could replace the aircraft in this new season of Fortnite. Nor can you draw many more conclusions from this teaser.

The only thing that changes with respect to the previous one is the color of the image, that this case is a more orange tone referring to the fire, so this character can support another different side and in war with the one they showed us yesterday.

In short, many theories and questions that only generate more expectation before the new season 9 that is to come.

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