How to get the free Fortnite packs with PS Plus?

If you love Fortnite and you play on your Play Station, then we have a surprise for you. Now you can get a free and exclusive package if you are a Sony client and play with your PS. This Fortnite skins and objects are limited and it is completely free, something that doesn’t happen too often. On this occasion, it is a promotion done by Sony and Epic Games. So, if you don’t want to miss it, keep reading this post.

This is not the first pack that we can get with the Play Station Plus, and probably not the last one. So, we recommend you to get this service already to get free stuff! On this occasion, the pack will have a Carbon Commando Outfit and the Carbon Pack Back Bling. The previous pack had more things, like axes or gliders, but this one didn’t. Maybe we will get more things later.

How to get the free Fortnite pack with PlayStation Plus?

To get this free Fortnite pack and the next ones, you need to have a Sony account. If you always play on your PS then you probably have one because this is required to play the majority of games. Once you have it, you need to make sure to have a PS+ sub. This is a service offered by Sony to get more exclusive content.

Once you make sure you have all those things, go to the store to get the pack or go to the PSN tab on your PS and search Fortnite. You will see the new pack right there. Then go back to the game and you will have the new objects and the skin already.

The Play Station Plus service is just $59.99 per year, and with it you can get exclusive content, offers on the store, more storage and so much more.

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