How to get the new Fortnite skin for free?

If you like Battle Royale games, then you probably play Fortnite. This is a very popular and fun game that every gamer is loving so far, and part of the fun is customizing your character with skins. Some skins aren’t free and some of them are a little bit expensive, but today we’re going to explain to you how to get the new skin for free! So keep reading this post to know what to do to get it.

Fortnite and Epic Games tend to throw merchandise that we have to pay because since the game is free this is the only way to monetize the game. But from time to time, we can find some gifts and free stuffs, like on this case that we can have the new skin for free. On this occasion, only the PlayStation gamers are beneficiated. So, if you play on PlayStation and want a new skin, this is for you!

Step by step: how to get the new Fortnite skin for free?

As we mentioned before, some companies do promotions on Fortnite and this time, you can get this skin for free with PlayStation. First, you need to have an account. If you have a PS, then probably you already have one because this is the first thing you do when you install your console. But also, you need to have PlayStation Plus. This is a service where you can get great offers by PlayStation.

Once you have that service, go to the PlayStation store and look for this offer. You will see the new Fortnite skin, so tap on it and get it! It is a blue command skin made of carbon in PlayStation’s honor with a carbon backpack. Once you tap on it, you can go back to the game and you will see it there.

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