How to play Fortnite?

How to play Fortnite: Fortnite is a unique online shooter where players fight insidious monsters at night, while building buildings and collecting resources during the day.

In the game Fortnite there is a special procedural generation, which randomly generates the world to which the player is heading. Every time a player enters the world, new unique places await him, which makes the game process extremely interesting.

how to play fortnite?

How to play Fortnite tips

Collection of resources

All search engines in this online shooting game are built from the resources found by players during the day. At the same time, the collection of resources has a very interesting process. 

In fact, each player is a “thief”, because practically all the resources found can be processed in the necessary materials. Therefore, players will be held in the hands of everything they see. There are three main types of resources at Fortnite:

Each of the listed resources has its own special characteristics and its unique purpose.

Construction in Fornite

The game is a bit like the legendary Minecraft. However, in Fortnite all buildings and structures are built only to protect themselves from the army of bloody monsters. Players can unleash fantasy and build the weirdest and strangest buildings that can be used for any game. 

The building can be erected at any time of day, and the construction is done with the help of an editor that allows you to add all kinds of details: stairs, windows, fences, doors, etc.

Night battle at Fortnite

The player will perform most of the actions described above during the day, since the monster hour arrives at night, which means there will not be a minute to collect resources and build. At night, Fortnite is a dynamic third-person shooter where players have to fight against thousands of monsters. 

To diversify the game, developers added to the game the possibility of creating weapons and role elements. In addition, the game has a clear distribution of duties in the battle between players, so that each user will have their own role, something limited.

Classes in Fortnite

For the game’s passage users are available a variety of different characters. Heroes can be collected around the open world in the form of cards, however, in the game there are only four main classes:

  • Designers: they specialize in building and collecting resources;
  • Soldiers: ideally possess all available weapons;
  • Ninja: can boast the ability to move quickly and excellent melee skills.
  • Travelers: specialize in location exploration and investigation

Each of the classes in the game has its pros and cons. To achieve victory, players need a balanced team, with a clear distribution of roles and responsibilities.

In short, we can say that at this stage Fortnite seems to be an exciting and interesting shooting game, with an original idea and cartoon graphics.

We present to your attention the online game Fortnite genre online shooters. Check out the review of this game and the system requirements, download it to the PC and start playing absolutely free right now.

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