New method to destroy robots in Fortnite

They continue to make the use of robots not worth it, the Epic Games are shattering the use of robots in Fortnite, right now after the new update they have launched they have put in new interesting things, from new objects to new areas as previously mentioned.

New method to destroy robots in Fortnite

This time they have focused on a new strategy that would take care of putting a stop to the player who is inside a robot, if this continues shortly they will have to put something that also benefits the uses of robots because at this step nobody will want use them

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The robots have not been removed from the game because the developers claimed that they are the possible boost that some players who have failed to reach their first victory need, which is much appreciated.

This new object that Fortnite has implemented will be focused on what it would be to counterattack the robots, with which we would already have 2 objects that would serve to neutralize the use of the robots in Fortnite.

New city in Fortnite

After the launch of these portable armored vehicles everything has focused on a love-hate relationship towards them, however to divert a little attention on them they are incorporating certain new things that are also quite interesting as the renewal of the maps.

In the central left area of ​​the map there was an area where we could see a football stadium and now we will only have a desolate and destroyed space where you will not have much coverage but a lot of weapons.

New method to destroy robots in Fortnite

If you plan to fall in that area directly it is better that you have a fairly high level of play and skill because the chances of dying at the hands of the enemy are surprisingly high, especially if we do not find enemies from nearby areas.

Season loaded with updates in Fortnite

Fortnite after the launch of its 10th season has become a game that announces updates every week practically, mainly new and useful objects to improve the gaming experience and the chances of winning for less experienced players who just enter servers.

To give a balance to the game the objects that directly face the robots were considered legendary and it is difficult to achieve them, in this way the carriers of robots in Fortnite will have enough time to take advantage of their use.

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