News in game modes and mobile teams

This time Epic Games has chosen to include improvements for consoles and PCs as well as for mobile teams, where currently more than 8 million players gather. Here we bring the most relevant changes that have been mentioned in terms of game modes and Apple and Android devices.

modes and mobile teams in fortnite



Classic Battle Royale with squads of three people.


Fight to the end using legendary weapons!


Low severity All players have 50 health. The only weapons are the weapons of the shooter and the only object of healing are the bandages. Jump high and fine!


The game HUD now has different icons for the points in the games of the Arena and the weekend tournaments.

Players who have already qualified for the World Cup will appear with a World Cup badge on event markers.

The markers now have a button to organize the games by the number of players on the top of the markers that participate in them. This will help identify the key active games from the marker view.

Mobile phones

The automatic trigger will be activated with the vehicles, options have been added to increase the information about the eliminations in the HUD disposal tool, now it is allowed to drag / drop the quick access bar during the jump.

The power button of the X Storm has been moved in Android to avoid pressing the start button and now you can access the formation of the squadron.


The tactical sound has been improved within the structures built by the players such as:

– Now you hear much louder and clearer when a wall breaks near or behind the players.

– Increase the volume and change the sound of the impact of enemy peaks to a radius of about one building space or less.

– The sound of explosions has been improved: now it is shorter and with a higher dynamic range that should clarify the sound of the explosion and make it more impactful.

The butterfly

Eyesight effect

The visual effect of the Peak of the Widow’s Peak has been resolved, the cooling chronometer ring has been fixed, which is briefly shown when changing places in the barrel, the Interact icon is no longer missing with certain consumables.

The text of “Action blocked” will no longer appear when opening the inventory. The arrows in the object store now appear correctly on the iPhone XS Max.



Build your own imaginary version of Neopicados using gallery options and futuristic prefabricated sets!

Floating platform

With the floating platforms you can make very high constructions and they come very well to move between platforms!

Creature manager

Customize the health of the creatures, their damage and their score in the advanced games!

Find out more changes and more curiosities about the game on our home page.

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