Playground mode Fortnite

Inside Fortnite there is a game mode in which you do not necessarily have to focus on attacking anyone who crosses your path; it is a way dedicated to enjoying a good time of other activities throughout the map that Fortnite offers or even inside of a map previously created in the creative mode of Fortnite (This section can be found in another entry on our page).

It is called Playground, which allows a group of players to have fun for a long hour in the middle of the battle royale map.

Playground mode Fortnite

The interesting thing about this type of game is that contrary to the original idea of ​​the game here you can live with the players around you and even if you get to kill for some reason, this game mode has a respawn system. Some players have opted to race with super carts.

Duration of the playground

There is no doubt that Playground mode is another success of the Epic Games team. Although this at first was something that seemed to be temporary since it was not considered a definitive game mode; however many active users on the platform had been asking Fortnite to keep the mode permanently.

Apparently so much clamor of the fans has been heard since; Epic Games has announced that they are working to extend the duration of the game mode to something more than 1 hour in a row; many players do not consider a sufficient time for the enormous possibilities offered by this game mode.
Although after such good information the Reddit group confirmed that the game mode would be removed for a certain time to be able to do remodeling that we enjoy today.

What does the playground mode allow you?

Playground allows friendly fire, so you can fight and kill your friends; but they all reappear quickly, so you can experiment with different tactics in a low risk environment. It is the perfect way to learn to play, but of course; with a limited time: the games can not last more than 1 hour.

  • Possibility of combat 1vs1 and 2vs2
  • Assistance for game controls
  • Possibility of editing the structures of other players
  • Traps that will affect both friends and enemies
  • Be able to see your team highlighted on the map
  • Damage enemies with your beak
Playground mode Fortnite
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