Poison traps: a new characteristic on Fortnite

If you like Battle Royale game, then you probably know and play a lot of Fortnite. This game is extremely popular and a lot of people are playing it right now. One of the things that makes it better is the periodical updates that you can get with the new seasons and the new objects and characteristic. On this occasion, we are in front of the v8.20 update, and so far this is the biggest one on Fortnite.

Every update we can expect improvements and new objects. On this one, the news on Fortnite let us know that we will get poison traps. This characteristic will be very interesting in the games, since it can kill anyone no matter what. But this is not a very surprising news since this info got leaked two weeks ago but it wasn’t confirmed.

What to expect with the poison traps?

The poison is now on the Island and you need to be careful. Apparently, they can be everywhere and you need to watch your steps. If you fall on one of these traps, then you probably get damage or even die.

This is a new fun way to be invested on this game, since you need to be careful while playing. Especially when you are in the middle of a fight and you are not looking to the floor, because this could kill you if are close to death.

This news got released a few days ago, it will be available with the new v8.20 updated. Also, on this update we will find a new mode: the floor is lava; and new objects and weapons. This is so far the biggest update so we are expecting great surprises and improvements on the game. Get the update now and start enjoying the new things that Fortnite has for you!

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