Problems with Fortnite in young people

Problems with Fortnite in young people. In recent days, several news stories are being published that are attacking the game of Epic games, news that ensures that Fortnite represents a latent threat for the smallest of the house and for anyone who plays it.

Problems with Fortnite in young people

Newscasters, press, notaries and others are giving their opinion about what is fortnite for the players and the truth is that they are quite interested in hearing their opinion since recently it was learned of the news of a young woman who fell asleep in classes allegedly being playing Fortnite until late at night on his console.

Why are kids addicted to fortnite

This game managed to be the most played game this year and is so that according to statistics, it has a number of active players with more than 130 million, besides that it has been able to collect more than three million dollars a day with what we would have to millions of users not only playing if not spending their money to acquire improvements for the game. Fortnite is completely free but according to many opinions of users of the platform, sometimes they are in need of acquiring one thing or another, with which they become addicted to in-game purchases, spending more and more money.

You are already seeing consequences for playing Fortnite

Already there are several schools worldwide that are pronouncing on the effects that the game causes in the youngest, this problem has reached such a point that letters and others have been issued for the parents and representatives of each student in order to regulate or minimize the amount of time players spend in front of screens.

The reason for the addiction to Fortnite is focused mostly on the combination of two genres that cause great interest in young players such as the battleroyal and to play as a team or squad with their friends. But surely the most probable cause of the addiction is that similarity with the cartoons that Fortnite offers; is a game with a caricature aspect that offers two of the things that young people look for the most with which they would have 3 things that they like very much in one place.

fortnite problems with kids

It turns out that for many parents Fortnite does not present a great threat because the game does not show blood or extreme violence, in fact they only see a few cartoons on screen, this game has a rather careful appearance with characters in cartoon style, hence it can come the fact that the little ones want to play it. Being able to play with friends or alone are possibilities fortnite offers, things that can lead to addiction to the worst case.

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