Season 10 on Fortnite

The new Fortnite season is already here with many very important and quite surprising novelties, especially since it seems that at last the Picados Floors will be modified once and for all, so all the users who bet on a fair modification on this site have right.

Season 10 on Fortnite

As it had been mentioned before by the Epic Games team, the game would have interesting graphic changes, new weapons, new objectives, but without a doubt what has impressed many players the most is the arrival of the robots.

The truth is that there have been big changes within the game, they have made some very small bug fixes that the game was presenting in its previous version and little else, and the experience of the game remains the same unlike the entry of the robots.

New Chopped Floors

Chopped floors has evolved with each new arrival of seasons in Fortnite, last time we were talking about what we knew as chopped floors, now we are talking about the current chopped town, an evolution of the area after the fight that was between the robot and the monster in the event that would come to make the robots known.

The change in this area of ​​the map is merely aesthetic and visual, there are no advantages or new activity that has been announced so far, it may be an area dedicated to what would be new Easter egg, we will see that we Surprise Epic Games.

Robots in Fortnite

These robots had already been announced in season 9 of Fortnite; however, it is not until this new season when the Epic Games team has decided to include them definitively in the game as means of transport and even more as an almost indestructible weapon by the other players.

Season 10 on Fortnite

The robot in Fortnite has been quite applauded and at the same time quite repudiated, to many players it has seemed an excellent play by the developers, in large part these players are partly beginners since the robots offer in extra protection and extra weapons to the carrier player which makes the game much easier.

How to beat the robots in Fortnite?

Because the developers have noticed the complaints of most of the most experienced players about the great capacity of destruction that the robots have in the game they have decided to place a counter to be able to face it.

It turns out that if you go around the map looking for materials, weapons and ammunition you could also get a boogie grenade that deactivates the robot for a certain time and dismantles the bearer leaving him without control of the robot and forcing him to fight in the traditional way without any help.

If what you need is to lower the enemy of the robot in Fortnite you only need a Boogie grenade, they are not difficult to find so it could soon be no longer a very favorable option to get used to just playing with robots.

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