Season 9 on Fortnite

Season 8 of Fortnite Battle Royale will come to an end, Wednesday, May 8, because Season 9 is on its heels.

Epic Games has begun to publish the first details in the form of teaser, and has already given us as the premiere date of next season on May 9. What will happen when the update arrives? A season very pirate Season 8 has had two outstanding themes: on the one hand, pirates and, on the other, the jungle.

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Good bye season 8

Pirates have dominated the Fortnite map. Camps, skins and even boats have populated the game of Epic Games this season, which has introduced the mechanics of the treasure map. If you have found a treasure map, follow it to find your chest.

Nobody understands very well why someone would find a chest and decide to bury it, but the important thing is that the booty you end up carrying you, ARRR! As for the jungle, the constant threat from the volcano has been interesting, with the introduction of volcanic vents that have allowed us to move faster on the map. Now, what has made us move at full speed has been the Boloncho, the new vehicle introduced in Season 8 that has been a headache for many professionals. Between bugs and buffs, often more broken object. Another highlight that has changed the mechanics of the group games has been the restart van. Thanks to this van, which we can find in different points of the map, we can revive our eliminated comrades.

What happened whit the volcano?

The destruction of Picados Floors With Season 8 we said goodbye to Alameda Aullante, one of the favorite places of many players; but we said hello to the Peaceful Albufera and to the Summer Steps, the two points of interest that represented the two themes of the season.

What everyone assumed

But Epic Games did not have enough to take away the Alameda, and after many rumors and leaks, what many feared (and many others longed for) occurred: Pitched floors have disappeared. During Fortnite’s Unvalued event, players could not only vote for a vaulted item to return to the game (winner: the drum submachine gun), but they could live a historic moment in the battle royale: the volcano erupted, destroying Picados floors and commercial city.

What will replace them now?

Epic Games has revealed two teasers (the first one is above) on Season 9, which seems to confirm the rumors about the theme that will accompany us on this occasion:

The future is unknown to everyone, except for Epic, which will keep us with the hype well up until the Thursday 9, when the new season begins. Everything points to a futuristic season … with robots? Maybe the bunker under Balsa loot was just the beginning of something bigger. Will it end up destroying the entire Fortnite map and we will find a completely new territory? Will we travel to space, as some rumors pointed? There is very little left to discover it.

Season 9 on Fortnite
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