The best configuration for Fortnite for Ps4 or Xbox

Fortnite: the best configuration for Fortnite for Ps4 or Xbox One. What options to choose.

The configuration of Fortnite allows you to customize the game according to your preferences and, above all, the capabilities of our teams. Of course, most of the options are, the PC version.

In the case of competitive online games, the ability to change settings is crucial. Experienced players are aware that reducing certain graphical parameters can often provide an advantage in the battlefield and facilitate the game. In this article, we offer options.

However, we would like to indicate immediately that we do not consider the problem of the configurations that are not related to the graphics, since they are not so important and depend to a large extent on the personal preferences of each user. The sensitivity of the mouse or the purpose of the key lets you modify it.

The best configuration for Fortnite for Ps4 or Xbox

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How to change the settings in Fortnite for Ps4 or Xbox

Expand the menu and then click on the cart icon.

Starting the menu with settings is very simple, as in most games. However, just in case, we indicate what to do to execute them.

After turning on the game on the PC, pay attention to the upper right corner of the screen. Click on the symbol that consists of three horizontal lines: this is a drop-down menu. 

Here you will find an icon with configurations that look like a small screw. Click on it to open the screen with all the parameters.

As for the console version, you will find the configurations in the same place. Simply click on “Options” / “Menu” (a button that almost always starts to open the menu in several games), and then select the option icon.

The best configurations of Fortnite on PC

Fortnite optimization is at a high level, and we can adapt the game to your needs and, of course, to the capabilities of your computer. Especially the best textures and effects are mainly for stronger PCs. 

However, shadows and blurring while driving must be minimized regardless of the configuration.

We recommend that you enable the FPS counter and run a match to verify if we have reached 60 fixed FPS. Otherwise, reduce the settings one by one until you reach the proper frame rate per second.

Of course, the optimal parameters are those that eliminate various unnecessary effects or additional objects on the map to maximize readability and transparency of the location. Therefore, next we give the configuration in which we play Fortnite, although our PC will be able to deal calmly with the best configuration.

A few words of the comment: we recommend the full screen mode in the window, because minimizing the game is the fastest and least problematic. We recommend blocking 60 FPS, since it is the most versatile, but if your monitor supports higher update rates (for example, the recently popular 144 Hz), you can set an upper limit here.

The viewing distance is the only option that we recommend to leave at the highest possible level (Epic). Thanks to this, we can see better remote opponents or structures built by them. This is extremely useful.

Fortnite variants on PS4 and Xbox One

The Fortnite console screen offers many different configurations, but the vast majority does not involve graphic design or performance. Only one is very important, that is, the number of frames per second. Make sure it is set to 60 frames instead of 30 frames.

Fortnite started working on PS4 and Xbox One as a launcher, with 30 FPS, but over time, developers have made updates to increase the frame limit. Thanks to this, the game can be smoother if the parameters are 60 frames per second.

When it comes to advanced settings, we recommend that you turn off controller vibrations that may distract you. Activate the Turbo-build mode, thanks to which it will be more convenient to build walls and stairs during the movement. Also noteworthy is the automatic change of material.

Other settings, such as the parameters related to the start or target, must be configured according to your preferences. It is better to play several rounds with different configurations.

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