The floor is lava: the new Fortnite mode

If you play Fortnite, then you are probably waiting to have the new update v8.20 to discover all the new things. This update got some amazing surprises, but the best one so far is the new mode ‘The floor is lava’. This is, again, Epic Games trying to surprise us bringing new things to us to innovate and get more gamers invested on it.

On this occasion, this new mode The floor is lava is a game that got viral a few years ago. It all started on Twitter, when a couple uploaded a video playing it in a park. Since then, it got viral and everyone started playing everywhere. It is a really fun game that now Epic Games is bringing to Fortnite!

How to play The Floor is Lava on Fortnite?

If you never played this game or never saw it, don’t worry, we will explain to you everything.  This game is super simple and really fun. It basically means that all the floor will be covered by lava. If you touch the lava, you get burn, die and lose. So, to avoid this, you need to jump on things to save yourself.

Now, on Fortnite, the rules are the same. You will have a floor covered with lava and if you fall and touch it, you lose. Now jump on buildings, structures and things to survive, while on the same time, keep with the normal Fortnite match.

This new mode is limited, so be sure to play it a lot once you get it. It is really fun and you will see new strategies to play it, new ways to kill your enemies and so much more. So, get the new update and start this great mode right now! The floor is lava is waiting for you.

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