The new NEO experience at Fortnite is here

Season 9 of Fortnite is here with its new battle pass. On this occasion, a volcano has erupted and has completely changed several of the classic scenarios that could be found in the game. In this new season, 100 new levels and 100 exclusive rewards are unlocked.

In addition to the new locations, among which are scenarios such as Neopicados or the Colosal Shopping Center, a new wind transport system and, of course, new weapons and objects have also been included, attentive because the new Fortnite season is full of news features. Let’s see what this is about.

The erupting volcano is already here and will change Fortnite from top to bottom

Season 9 of Fortnite arrives with a more futuristic aesthetic, where the classic island has become a stage closer to the future. As soon as we acquire the new battle pass, Fortnite rewards us with two new skins: Sentinel and Rox.

Among the new levels and rewards we will find from mechanical mascots, new gestures and finally a new outfit, that of Vendetta.

The mechanics and playability of this new season has improved since two elements are incorporated that change the way you move around the stage. First of all we have the Forbytes, which are chips that will remain hidden by the island and that by collecting will allow us to decipher an image that will lead us to unlock rewards.


These are giant spheres where we can move from one place to another quickly, some additions that we will find in the Neopicados stages and the Colossal Shopping Center.

Regarding the limited time modes, these have rotated and now we have the following: Trios, Solid Gold and Mono shot, the first of them to form squads of three, the second for legendary weapons and the third to have low gravity.

Creative mode and Save the World mode


Epic Games also announces important changes in the creative modes and Save the World. In this season 9 of Fortnite, users will be able to create their imaginary version of the Neopicados using gallery options and futuristic prefabricated sets. Additionally, new options have also been added such as players rotate between teams, new ways to fly or choose what the resource limit will be.

Save the world

The War Games arrive, with new mission simulations in the anti-storm shield. In this mode we will have several extreme challenges such as facing a tornado or burning areas on the ground. Each of these simulations will take seven minutes and there will be two new characters to face them: Garridan Dark Knight, a new mythical constructor, and Paleo-Luna, a ninja dinosaur.

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