Things you should know before playing for the first time at Fortnite

You may already be familiar with the games of the “Battle Royale” genre; These are games where a player (or a small squadron) lands on the map where they will fight until only one survivor remains.

However, ” Fortnite Battle Royale ” is slightly different from other representatives of this genre. This game of Fortnite includes the basics of Battle Royale; diluted with new game chips, such as the construction of several fortifications on the battlefield. By the way, the game focuses very strongly on the player’s attention in tactical interaction with defensive objects. If you use them correctly, you can get an advantage over other players.

In this game, you will have to share the palm on the island along with 99 other players from around the world. And only the last surviving player wins: these are the hard rules of Battle Royale. 

Choose your landing site carefully and avoid other players.

Every battle at Fortnite begins with the fact that hundreds of players fall from a flying bus to an uninhabited island; generously filled with various cannons and others. Look at the map while it flies down; it is important to choose the correct landing point: choose the correct one; consider that half of the victory has already been passed.

Now your task is to find a trunk of great weight, and if you are a beginner; I recommend that you avoid any conflict with the opponents during your search. 

The weapons in Fortnite Battle Royale are mainly found in buildings; so I advise you to land where there are at least a couple of buildings, and if you are “in the skill”, you can safely fall next to large villages.

The items in these places are the most delicious, but make sure that no one is attracted to a good booty, be prepared to meet at least several players. Stay away from places where at first sight it is full of booty, it is usually where astute players participate in the campers.

The game starts with skydiving, but at any time you can unfold your hang glider following the indications on the screen. 

If you open it too soon, you will fly away and for a long time; such a maneuver will allow you to avoid the accumulation of rivals. But do not abuse this opportunity, because the sooner you find weapons, armor and medicines, the better. 

Also note where you land, if there is no one around while you fly; I recommend that you check the probable landing point for traps.

You are a beginner, do not forget, therefore, trust your enemies the opportunity to kill each other; while you increase your power and use the element of surprise.

Storm the greatest danger in Fortnite

By analogy with PUBG, in Fortnite, the area of ​​the map is constantly narrowing, this time the location limiter is called a “storm”. 

In each round, the storm will start from a random point and, slowly but surely; will force players to leave their shelters and start kneading. 

If you somehow find yourself outside the circle that appears on the map; then your health scale will begin to decrease until you die or return to the circle’s boundaries. In the Fortnite interface, there is a timer that shows the beginning of the next circle compression. 

Never forget to check the location of the circle and the timer; and maybe then you will not die of a stupid death.

Do not run into the first small circle, since generally after the start of your movement, you will be out of it and you will kill it, no, not the enemy, but a hard and ruthless game script. 

Always supervise the location of the circle, and with the right skill you should not have problems with this part of the game.

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