What’s new on the Fortnite update v8.20?

If you love Battle Royale games, then you probably play a lot of Fortnite. This game is extremely popular and fun, so every update that is has, we get new things and surprises we didn’t expect. On this occasion, this new update v8.20 is the biggest Fortnite has ever done, so the amount of new things is amazing and for sure you will like everything that it has.

Normally, when an update happens, some things leaked or some information get to us. But this time, even the promotion was very secretive. So we didn’t know exactly what are we going to get on this update until we finally have it. So, finally, this March 27th, we got the new version and now we can tell you everything! What’s new? What’s worth it on this update? Let’s take a look.

New things on the Fortnite update v8.20

On this update we got a new interesting and fun mode, and new objects and weapons. The mode, as we always get, is a very fun and kind of a meme: the floor is lava! This is a limited mode where we will play and the floor will be lava. So, you can only jump between buildings and structures so you won’t get burn. If you touch the lava, you die!

Another characteristic we will see if the new healing van. We already been seen some in errors on the game, like the match repetitions. So we now we actually get to see it and test them! These van will be really game changers because if you find one you can save your life.

About weapons we have a new bow and arrow. This will be really fun once you get how to control it because you can shoot people really far away with it. On this Fortnite update v8.20, everyone will have fun!

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